Our Mission

Real Books and Real Toys! We passionately believe in the continued survival of the general stock bookstore. In a age when readers are increasingly ordering their books on the internet, looking for a specific book then, after the order is made, receiving recommendations of other books much like the original book that was ordered. We believe the loss of the element of serendipity - Letting The Book Find The Reader, would be a tragic loss. Come in to our store and browse the New Arrivals table, you might be surprised where serendipity might take you. As for our toys, we choose well made and safe lines - environmentally positive, conducive to imagination and education.

We Buy Books

We Buy Books at Both Locations by Appointment, Give us a Call. Before we look at books, we ask customers to carefully weed any books that have the following problems: Water Damage, Loose Bindings, & Writing in the Body of the the Text.

About Sixth Chamber Used Books

Sixth Chamber opened on May 5, 1995. It was our goal to develop a store that combined the cleanliness and organization of a new bookstore with the reasonable prices and depth of inventory of the used bookstore. We sought to amass an inventory of books that were clean and bright and readable, important and enjoyable works of history, psychology, poetry and literature, mystery, children’s books, and most other major categories. We strove to create a system that allowed customers to easily find the books they were looking for on our shelves or to access them quickly on our Internet site or, if we did not currently have them in stock, to place requests so that they would be notified when the books they were looking for did arrive. And we still do all this today, we buy and sell books everyday, we catalog every book that we receive, and we ship books out all over the world as quickly and inexpensively as we can manage.

About Fox Den Used Books

Fox Den opened in downtown River Falls, Wisconsin on October 18, 2012. We are new here, but growing fast - with hundreds of new items added weekly. Located near the South Fork Cafe and across the street from the River the Falls Theatre.